About Tingstäde kajak


My name is Johan and I run Tingstäde kajak with the help of my wife and our two children. When we moved to Tingstäde on a cold winter day in 2020, I felt an immediate longing to paddle out on beautiful Tingstäde träsk. Imagine my surprise, and disappointment, when I realized that there was no one who rented either a kayak or a canoe.

Somewhere there, the idea of ​​Tingstäde kajak was born, but it would not be until 2022 before we opened the gates for the very first time. We now have eight kayaks and two canoes for trips on Tingstäde träsk, and everything is done via self-service because I still work full time.

We hope that we can easily make available Tingstäde träsk that has such a very interesting history – from the medieval times to the present.

Paddle calmly!