Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the kayaks and canoes?

The kayaks and canoes can be found in Tingstäde kajak’s facilities on Tingstädevägen 26, in Tingstäde community along road 148 between Visby and Fårösund. Parking is available on both sides of the gate.

What equipment is included in the booking?

In the kayaks and canoes there are paddles and carts with associated straps. There are also life jackets in many different sizes – even for dogs. For all kayaks there is a spray deck that is tightened around the cockpit. There are also maps of the lake that you can take with you on your adventure. On the back of the map you will find answers to common questions.

What is the shortest way to Tingstäde träsk?

Attach kayaks and canoes to the accompanying carts and transport them on the sidewalk past the bus stop and Thairauken, along road 148 towards Fårösund. Turn right onto Mjölkgatan and follow this to Hejnumvägen. Cross Hejnumvägen and follow the path to the launch site at Skalberg’s jetty. The distance between Tingstäde kajak and Skalberg’s jetty is a little over 500 meters.

How do I find Bulverket?

Use the accompanying map to find Bulverket. During high season, the Tingstäde community association marks a trail with flags that leads to the Bulverket, and in the best case will the four corners be marked with buoys.

Is fishing allowed in Tingstäde träsk?

Unfortunately, there is a fishing ban throughout the lake.

Where is the nearest toilet?

Inside Tingstäde kajak's facilities can you find a modest camping toilet that is open during high season.

Where do you buy coffee or eat food?

Next to Tingstäde kajak are Thairauken (mini market and restaurant) and Tingstäde Grill (restaurant). But there is much more in Tingstäde for those who are willing to walk a little further.

How do I attach the cart to a canoe?

On a canoe, attach the cart with the associated strap as close to the center as possible so that the cart carries the majority of the weight. You will find both the cart and the strap lying in the canoe and it can either be dismantled and taken on the trip or left at the launch site.

How do I attach the cart to a kayak?

On a kayak, attach the cart behind the cockpit with the associated strap. You will find both cart and strap lying in the cockpit and it can either be dismantled and taken on the trip or left at the launch site.

How do I attach the kids kayak “support wheels”?

You attach the “support wheels” to the kids kayak by fastening the rod in the black holders next to the boot lid.

How do I set the pedals in a kayak?

Adjust the distance of the pedal by turning the red locking handle and at the same time moving the pedal forwards or backwards. The pedals should generally be closer to you than you think. This is so that the knees will come up against the walls of the cockpit, which increases stability and comfort in the long run.

How do I wear the kayak spraydeck?

The spraydeck should fit like a skirt, with the handle in front of you, and it should sit so high on your body that water flows away from you when you sit down in the kayak. When you fasten the spraydeck to the kayak, it is easiest to start from the back and work your way forwards. The spraydecks are located together with the life jackets.

How does the kayak rudder work?

The rudder gives the kayak better course keeping and can be controlled with the help of the pedals’ upper part. To lower, or hoist, the rudder, pull the rear ball on the rudder cord forward. Remember to release the rudder from the transport position before stepping into the kayak, and that you always lock the rudder when transporting the kayak ashore.

How do I use the kayak paddle?

Kayaking often comes naturally after the first few paddle strokes. As a beginner, you usually only use your arms. If you want to paddle like the pros, you need to practice using your whole body in every paddle stroke. You can find the paddle lying in the kayak and it can be put together in four different positions. You choose which position that feels best for you.

How do I get in and out of the kayak?

The lower the center of gravity, the more stable the kayak becomes. Therefore, it is best, and safest, to get in and out of the kayak sitting on the jetty at the launch site or sitting just behind the cockpit in shallow water.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are allowed in the open canoe provided they have a life jacket and the canoe is cleaned well afterwards. Tingstäde kajak offers dog life jackets in sizes S, M and L.

Are there SUP:s to rent?

We do not currently have standup paddle boards (SUP).

Is there a smaller boat to rent?

We do not currently have any boats. Tingstäde community association, on the other hand, rents out a glass-bottom boat with an electric motor. Call 072-2240541 for more information.