Why try kayaking,
and what is Bulverket?

In the shallow Tingstäde träsk, with a maximum depth of 1.7 meters, you are always close to solid ground. You will have opportunities to safetly familiarize yourself with a real sea kayak, or to take the whole family out on an adventure.

Tingstäde träsk, the second largest lake on Gotland, also conceals the remains of a remarkable wooden fortress from the 1130s. Originally, the fortress consisted of a square platform where each side measured 170 metres. The Bulverket is now scattered as large piles of timber at the bottom of the lake, but can be seen from the surface of the water and from the air above.

The lake is situated alongside the highway to Fårösund on northern Gotland.

Part of Bulverket out in Tingstäde lake. Photo: Peter d’Agnan (CC BY)

How much does it cost?

TYPE4 hoursDay
Kids kayakSEK 100SEK 150
Kayak (1‑seat)SEK 250SEK 400
Kayak (2‑seat)SEK 400SEK 700
Open canoeSEK 400SEK 700

How does it work?

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Transport kayak on the included cart
Launch from the jetty beyond Mjölkgatan
Have a fantastic experience
Put everything back and lock up

Where is Tingstäde kajak?